4 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Pickup Truck That You Never Thought Of

We try to sell to our significant others and sometimes ourselves that our pickup truck is a great investment. We love them, but they really can come in handy more than what we realize. If you are looking to close the deal on the pickup truck of your dreams, or currently have one, check out our list of extra ways to take advantage of the trusted pickup truck. 

  1. Outdoor concerts or tailgating.

You’ve got tickets but the weather is questionable? Don’t worry about a thing. Load your truck bed up with everything you can think of to have a good time. With RazorTop, it’s all protected. And should some pop-up showers appear? You’ve got a built-in tent! And usually, the party is just getting started as the sun goes down. That’s where our built-in LED lighting kit comes in! Bright enough to keep the party going, but not distracting from a good time! 

  1. Vacations 

We love taking our pickup truck on vacation because whether you are renting a hotel room, Airbnb, etc. you never know what the scene will be like. When we take our pickup truck, we can always take a mini grill (cost-effective and a great alternative to eating out all of the time), and let’s be honest, grilled anything trumps most restaurant food. Having a truck bed also allows you the flexibility to bring extras like coolers, fishing gear, boating gear, etc. And with RazorTop, you know everything is safe and protected from the elements! 

  1. Camping

As you’re starting your camping checklist, your pickup truck is obviously number one, but have you considered sleeping in the bed of your pickup truck? If you give it a bit of thought, a few accessories can make even the most cautious of campers eager for the experience. Obviously, RazorTop’s exclusive technology will keep you protected from the weather, bugs, and other 4-legged friends you might meet out on your adventure, but you can add in the right size blow-up mattress and get a top-notch night of sleep! Here are a few to take a look at depending your budget and the space available:

  1. Awkward Hauling. 

Have you ever hauled something but your bungee cords just weren’t cutting it? We’ve been there, and that’s why we created a solution. RazorTop raises and lowers quickly and easily and will actually cinch down around items that extend past the length of your truck bed to make sure they are covered and secure.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy your pickup truck? Send us a message with your favorite ways to take advantage of yours!